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Wow, it's been too long since my last post but I have an excuse! Lilly and I took a brief vacation before we moved. Yes, we moved to a new home and dealt with all that craziness. Fortunately, things are settling down, internet is up and running and I have a few projects I'm working on.

First, Erin's Erotic Adventures, the Nudist Resort series is complete and available on Amazon. I decided to pull all five short stories into one set and release that as well. The price break is pretty good, about half of what you would pay for all five if purchased individually. Of course, they are free with Kindle Unlimited.

The series has been so popular I've decided to continue with the characters in another set of stories. The first is titled, Erin's Erotic Adventures - Seducing the Boss. Look for that to be released by late August. Why the delay?

I've also returned to writing book 5 in The Photographer's Story. This is a full length novel and I would say I'm about half through the writing. I began the novel late last year, after finishing Overexposed. Despite the fact I had outlined the whole book, I found myself writing and rewriting as I went. By January, I decided to take a pause and write some short stories to clear my head. Well, months later we have the Erin's series and I finally feel ready to tackle the rest of book 5. I promise to keep everyone updated!

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