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Book 4 of The Photographer's Story

Kyle and Lilly have just finished their most challenging shoot, a three-way with Marcus and Kent.  Now, they take a working vacation to the Florida Keys to explore the mansion Kyle has inherited and search for sites for a new shoot.  While there, they learn their condo has been burglarized and then burned.  Soon after, they receive notes threatening to expose erotic photos of Lilly and ruin her legal career.  

Too cap it off, they also have to come up with a new theme for their next erotic shoot.

Overexposed continues the story begun with 'Behind the Lens.'  Join Lilly and Kyle as they continue to explore and deal with the intricacies of an open relationship.

Intimate PosesV2.jpg
Intimate Poses

Book 3 of The Photographer's Story

Kyle and Lilly move into a new phase of their lives.  They accepted a contract to provide 'art' for an exclusive swinger's club in San Francisco.  Only, Lilly must be the main attraction.

'Marcus reached out, his dark, almost ebony hand standing out in stark contrast to Lilly’s paler skin.  He gently rubbed, then squeezed one of her firm ass cheeks.  Lilly arched her back, moving her right leg forward to rest against the outside of Kent’s left.  Her knee slightly bent the action pressing her ass back against Marcus.

"Perfect poses folks!"  I told them as I took shot after shot.'

The Photographer's Story

Books 1 and 2 of The Photographer's Story

Erotic photography, polyamory, travel to exotic locations. 
This edition combines the novella, 'Behind the Lens' with the second novel, 'In Focus'. 
Kyle's guilty pleasure in life is photography. Lilly's secret, the nude modeling career that put her through college. As the story builds, Lilly and Kyle explore their sexuality using photography as a vehicle.  Their adventure will take them to nude beaches in Hawaii and swinger's clubs in Las Vegas.

Novella's in the Series

In Focus_3.jpg
In Focus

The Photographer's Story - Book 2

As their love grows, so does their desire to explore new sexual horizons...


'Lilly took his right hand and draped his arm over her right shoulder, placing his hand on her bare stomach as she arched her back and brought her right hand up to rest it near his head.  Her shirt now barely covering her left breast.  She arched into him, curving her spine so her ass pressed against his groin.  Billy didn’t move I could tell he was trying to figure out what to do next.  Lilly continued shifting her body slightly, sometimes staring at the camera, at me, sometimes down.  She slowly moved Billy’s hand up her stomach to have it rest just below her left tit. His shifting had exposed most of the light brown areola, her protruding nipple just catching the cloth of the shirt to keep it in place.  I continued to take pictures, moving around, caught up in the heat of the moment as well as feeling the sense that these were going to be great shots.' 

Behind the Lens_2.jpg
Behind the Lens

Book 1 ​The Photographer’s Story series is an erotic romance right out of your wildest fantasies... Book One, Behind the Lens, introduces Kyle and Lilly, both successful attorneys with the same firm. Kyle, while not unhappy with his life, is unfulfilled. Never married, but always with a string of “friends with benefits” to keep him satisfied, Kyle has never found someone with whom he wants to settle down. That is, until he starts working on a case with Lilly. Young, intelligent, and vibrant, Lilly is the kind of woman with whom Kyle would never expect to fall in love. Add to the list of “friends”, maybe. But love? Love was not something Kyle did well. 

In Book 1 they discover 

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