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Please click on a book cover to go to Amazon.  All my short stories are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Series are listed in order.  When a Box Set is available it will be shown at the end of the series.

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New Releases

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Erin's Erotic Adventures

Erin and Jack had been a happily married couple but boredom and apathy were now the norm. Jack's never ending series of fantasies did fuel their sex life but Erin soon found even those, empty and unsatisfying. She finally agreed to live out one of his fantasies and spend a week at a nudist resort. Nervous, even at the thought of being nude in public, Erin had no idea how far she would allow herself to go as she fell in with a group of swingers on her first day.

This five book series follows her adventures as she meets and surpasses Jack's wildest fantasies with the most heated 'reality' he could imagine. The only questions now are how far will she go and can he keep up with her?

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Seducing the Boss is a standalone Erin's Adventures novella.


Sharon's Punishment

Brent and Sharon are your typical, quiet mid-west couple in their 30's. They met in college, fell in love and have been together ever since. At least, that is the face they show in public, quiet and respectable.

In private, they lead a much different existence. Behind closed doors they share a secret and elaborate fantasy life focused on bondage and shared fantasies. Fantasies that have grown more and more elaborate over the years. Weekends, they would live out one of their bondage scenarios, in the privacy of their bedroom. The dominant partner for the weekend would do his or her best to push the other into using the safe word. 

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Amber's Erotic Possession

'Builds to a crescendo you won't see coming!'
'Not for the faint at heart!'

Amber and her friends are outcasts, members of the geekiest book club on campus and all virgins! Each year they find a haunted location to spend their Halloween. This year it was Amber’s turn to pick the spot and she found the perfect location; an abandoned Brothel which had been the site of many mysterious murders over the last century.

They had no idea a malevolent entity occupied the premises and would take them on a night of ultimate terror and sexual depravity.

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Stand-Alone Novellas

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