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On Tuesday our YouTube channel was: '...terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual content. YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content.'

Despite several appeals, YouTube has not responded to our request for more information. Specifically, we've asked them to provide the title of any of our content that contains nudity. Knowing the YouTube guidelines we have been very careful to avoid nude imagery. We've asked for similar feedback regarding the 'pornography or other sexually provocative content.' Again, no response other than a form letter.

In fairness, and full disclosure, we did receive one community strike when we posted Chapter 1 of 'Naughty Christmas Cards'. We never appealed, despite the fact it was less than 'R' rated. We considered the fact that it was essentially an advertisement for the book, which is very risqué. Other than that, we carefully marked 'not suitable for children' on all our posts AND any we thought needed it we gave an '18+' rating.

Since being taken down we've had fans contact us with support AND links to many YouTube videos in which models are nearly topless (or are topless), doing the No Bra Tik Tok challenge and many others. All of which are provocative and display far more nudity than our site.

We do plan to continue the appeal process while at the same time migrating our material to Vimeo. We've had some video's on Vimeo for a while now but, as our YouTube channel was growing rapidly we made that a priority.

Thanks for your kind support - Kyle and Lilly Canon

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