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The Photographer's Story

Hello Readers,

This is my first official Blog Post on the new web-site. I look forward to your comments about the site and my books!

I'll keep this short, for now. All the books I write are well over 20,000 words, most are in the 40,000 word range. True novels or novella's. I like telling a story, developing the characters and making them real. For me, it makes the sex scenes that much more interesting. i can't do that in less than a novel.

All my characters are made-up. That said, there is a lot of my wife and I thrown in, both real and fantasy. I will let you decide which is which.

Well, back to writing, I have to complete edits on book 4 to meet the publication date of December 15!


PS - I will make special announcements here regarding giveaways and anything else that is important.

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