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Polyamory or Cheating?

Hi all! --> before you read further.

1. The video is below all the words. :)

2. The video and books are more interesting than the blog... OH, I don't suppose I should have said that. LMAO

How is that for a title? Did you know that one of the most researched relationship terms on Google was 'polyamory' in 2016? CNN has done over a dozen stories on the subject since 2011. So what is it? My favorite definition is; "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy". There is so much loaded into those few words. I won't try to get deeper, I would just encourage you to do your own research, if it interests you.

My interest goes back several years when a friend of ours started sending us information about poly-amorous relationships. Why? Well that is a whole other story, ask me about it. :)

I found the articles fascinating as many tried to address the growing divorce rate and the increased incidence of 'cheating' among married couples. Most of the articles came to the conclusions that:

1. Humans are not naturally monogamous.

2. We cheat to fill in gaps in an existing relationship.

3. Cheating is ultimately destructive. I hear that! I'm old enough to have been through a few relationships. Thank god I am in a happy and mutually satisfying one now! I've been cheated on, found out she was blowing the boss to get a promotion. So, not even cheating for fun...

4. There is nothing wrong with monogamy. I wanted to throw that out because many who talk about polyamory seem to take a disparaging view of monogamous relationships. I think that is BS. I know many people in very happy, long term, monogamous relationships.

Anyway, those articles spurred a lot of conversation between us and eventually led to me begin writing the series, "The Photographer's Story." I wanted to try and 'follow' a couple as they transitioned from traditional relationships to a poly-amorous one. They start slow, sharing fantasies as they work on boudoir and artistic nude shoots together. Gradually, progressing to...more. Hopefully, you see that as you read the novels. Here are two excerpts that, I hope, show some of that transition. Of course, not too much as I want you to buy the books and find out what happens.

Excerpts from Behind the Lens and In Focus

We’d been talking pros and cons of each image and had picked the twenty or so worthy of final edits. Turning to Lilly, I could see a slight flush on her face, nipples still straining her shirt. “That turned you on, didn’t it?”

“Very, there is something about being with you, sharing this and sharing my deepest fantasies… Everything is just out there. That comfort level we talk about just makes me willing to do anything, as long as it is with you.” I leaned over and kissed her when she finished. Reaching out with one hand I began to tweak a nipple, then squeeze that breast.

She stood and walked over to the bed, dropping clothes along the way. I wasn’t far behind her. When she reached the bed, she began a slow crawl on it, stopping only when she felt my kisses on her ass. “Would you like to have Emma do this?” I then slowly traced my tongue down an ass cheek and kissed my way to her spreading lips. Parting her legs, I slowly inserted a finger in her moist pussy while licking around it.

As they worked together, they began pushing boundaries.

Sensing a little nervousness on his part Lilly said, “I have posed with others before and can coach you. Why don’t we just do the shots with you for now then run a few test shots with us together?” ...

At first it was awkward, but Lilly coached him, often reminding him to ignore the camera and then, “Talk to me, laugh.” ...

...Billy and I walked back to the wall and waited while Lilly changed. I could see her in the near distance just behind Billy. She saw me looking and with an evil little grin she turned her wardrobe change into a sensual act. Slowly dropping her shorts then running her hands up her legs, over her chest turning her body in a sexy twist. She then dropped the shirt, letting it slip from her shoulders to fall to the ground.

I impressed myself by how calm I was, and I think I even maintained conversation with Billy. Seeing my distress, she smiled deeper and began drawing her tank up, slowly revealing her ample breasts as she raised the tank over her head, again turning and stretching for full effect. The tank dropped behind her and she stared at me, her eyes now glinting with passion as she moved her hands over her chest, rolling her nipples between fingers. I could feel myself becoming aroused… God, think, baseball…the Cubs, I hated the Cubs... Wait, what is Billy saying. Yeah, focus on that. Lilly, her fun completed, for now, had pulled on the dress shirt and buttoned it up to just over mid chest. Her 36 DD’s still straining the fabric, nipples clearly pushing out the cloth. ...

“Think a Ralph Lauren shoot. Billy, start with your arm around her upper chest, pulling her in tight.” He did and I moved in to adjust his sleeve and her shirt front, which had mysteriously unbuttoned down below her breasts. She looked at me with her bedroom eyes, lip turned up slightly in one corner. Lately, we had started playing more in our sex life. She loved leaving the bedroom curtains open, a single light on and fantasizing aloud about people watching us. Upping the ante, a bit, I took the opportunity to unbutton her shirt the rest of the way, spreading it slightly to reveal smooth firm ab muscles and a healthy expanse of chest between her now barely covered breasts. “OK, let me get a few shots like this.”

...The tableau I had created was perfect. Billy’s hand and arm just above her breasts, shirt slightly open. He had dipped his head down a little as had she, mirroring the look. “Billy, move left a bit, I need to get more of your shirt in frame. Keep your head down like that, both of you. Billy, you can sweep your hands down her arms.” As he did, I the back of my mind, I was thinking he is staring right down into that gorgeous cleavage. No jealousy, just thoughts of how erotic it was.

...She arched into him, curving her spine so her ass pressed against his groin. Billy didn’t move I could tell he was trying to figure out what to do next. Lilly continued shifting her body slightly, sometimes staring at the camera, at me, sometimes down. She slowly moved Billy’s hand up her stomach to have it rest just below her left tit. His shifting had exposed most of the light brown areola, her protruding nipple just catching the cloth of the shirt to keep it in place. I continued to take pictures, moving around, caught up in the heat of the moment as well as feeling the sense that these were going to be great shots.

With a last little shift of her hips Lilly relaxed her body, moving Billy’s hand from her, then closing her shirt. In a business-like voice she said, “We have to get ready to go for our meeting. How did those look? Billy, great job posing. The first time with another model or models is always awkward but you did fine.”

Keep reading the books. I joke that I write foreplay that leads to awesome sex. Believe me, this is not even the foreplay.

OK - enough for now. :)

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