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Laying Out - Audible Version

Good Morning!

I wanted to say something about this earlier but I had to wait until production was finished... Yes, Lilly Ann has agreed to do the narration for Erin's Erotic Adventures!!! The first book has been sent for review, which usually takes ten days to two weeks. We are anticipating a May 1 publication date.

Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to do any video promotions for the books. Honestly, I am lucky she is finding the time to do these readings... Well, so are you. As an added bonus, I am posting a 'video' of chapter 3. Basically, all the audio with the book cover as the image... What, just the book cover? Well, maybe a few other shots thrown in for fun.

I hope you enjoy, if you do. Please find time to pick up a copy of the e-books or the audible version. I would also love to hear from readers. Feel free to share your thoughts on this or any of my other books.


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