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Hello Friends,

I decided to do a Free Kindle offering of Intimate Poses as a way to celebrate the pre-release of Overexposed. I was so excited to see the response... OK, I also have to admit I loved watching it bounce up near the top 100 on Amazon for Romance/Erotic. As I write this, the current standing is 250, where it has hovered for the last few days.

I liked Intimate Poses when I wrote it. I felt that I was developing the characters more, the sex scenes were erotic and, I hope believable. Finally, I like the fact I had a story line I was comfortable expanding. Then 'Lilly' read it and brought me back to earth. Don't get me wrong, she liked it but she also questioned the true lack of conflict in the story line. We discussed the dilemma of a couple opening their relationship to others, a husband photographing his wife in erotic scenes... Nope, she wasn't buying it. She said it was good but I could do better. What about the issues with family? Hmmm, as a good husband I soon realized I was wrong and she was right.

I thought about where I wanted to go for Overexposed for over a month. I'd had a rough outline when I finished Intimate Poses but decided it needed work. Well, more on that later. This post was about Intimate Poses. I like the book, I have heard some very positive and fun comments. My best are the ones from people who have highlighted the sex scenes to read with a partner. Nothing could be more flattering.

Well, if you read this before December 9, 2017... QUICK, click the link for Amazon and download your free copy. IF you read this after December 9, 2017.... QUICK, click the link and download your free Kindle Unlimited version OR just buy the book. :)

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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