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Erin's Erotic Adventures

Hi there!

Before I talk about Erin's Erotic Adventures, how about a quick update on Book 5 of, 'The Photographer's Story'? When I finished 'Overexposed' in late November, I had a great outline for the next book in the series. I took a little over a month away from it to write a few short stories and do the holiday stuff with family. When I returned to the characters, I found they had some other ideas. I 'Overexposed' I had thrown in some mystery, with the bribe scandal, and planned on developing that further in the next book. Well, as I wrote, that story line became more involved and twisted. I decided to keep going in that direction and see what happened. Many re-writes later, I am up to Chapter 5 in what I hope will be an exciting erotic/romance mystery novel. My goal is a late June publication date.

Erin's Erotic Adventures is a series of short stories I started writing a few weeks ago. The stories are about Erin as she visits a nudist resort with her jerky husband. In the first story, they have arrived at the resort but her husband must return to work for a day. He leaves Erin alone, despite her protests. Rather than pout, she decides to enjoy a naked day in the sun. Of course, she meets some new friends... You will have to read the story to see what happens next. Look for a publication date of April 17, 2018. The next story, Hot Tub Fun, will be available a week later.


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