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Computer Issues!!

Hi, I haven't been able to do an update here for a few weeks but I'm back! I had a dreaded blue screen of death on my main computer. Yes, the one I do most of my typing and website updates. After a few frustrating weeks of on and off again I think I've finally got the problem fixed. Phew.

A lot has happened since my last post. Sales of My Bound Valentine did very well during that holiday! Thanks to all those who read it. Lilly and I decided to try our hand at a second audio book and completed the work on MBV just before the big computer disaster. We are just waiting for final OK from audible. Fun times.

I'm also working on Book 5. I took a month off to chill and think about the direction the book was going. To be honest, it started off darker than anticipated. I wasn't sure I wanted that but after reading the first four chapters... I'm sticking with it. I feel this one won't be done for a few months. I'll keep putting out updates!

For now, enjoying the awesome weather in Southern Florida!

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