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Time for Beth - Excerpt

As a thank you to my readers, I am offering up this long selection from the soon to be released, Time for Beth. Enjoy, and as always, please keep the comments coming.

Erin walked slowly from the pool, where she just finished a few laps to stretch her sore muscles. ‘I really needed that after last night.’ Stopping in knee deep water she paused to stretch. Raising her hands high and clasping them together, she twisted her body first right then left. ‘Sure, my tits look nearly flat when I do that, but it does wonders for my abs and ass.’

She smirked inwardly at the thought as she moved again, slow languid and sensual steps to the edge of the pool. She allowed a slight roll to enter her walk, knowing the men behind her would be mesmerized by the sway of her bare, shapely ass. While those in front would have a perfect view of her small, tan boobs and smooth vagina.

Erin felt the water run off her nude skin in rivulets, enjoying the sensual feeling immensely. ‘It’s like many fingers tracing along my skin.’

‘Holy crap, I am such a drama queen.’ She laughed at herself, realizing she planned the entire exit to be as striking as possible for those sitting around the pool. ‘Yeah, pretend you aren’t looking.’

A couple lay on lounge chairs before her. She took a second to admire the man’s thick cock as it lay against his thigh. But, it was the woman’s pussy that drew her attention. ‘I never knew how different vaginas could be. Just like a guy’s dick. Her pussy looks slim and tight, very inviting.’ Erin caught herself before she paused to stare. ‘Can’t do that, at least not out here in the public areas.’

She and Jack, her husband, were on their first trip to a nudist resort. When they arrived, the managers told them about the strict policy of ‘No Public Sexual Activity’ as they toured the grounds. Erin would soon discover there were absolutely no rules about what went on in private.

She was still in awe of how much she changed in the last five days. Erin was ready to make this her last vacation with Jack. Their marriage had been on the rocks for years and nothing seemed to help. Lately, he was into verbal fantasies about getting naked in public and even talked about swinging. She didn’t like the idea but was willing to go as far as a week at a nudist resort. In the hopes it would give them something in common. A week that nearly ended before it started when Jack decided he had to drive home for work, leaving her alone. She did smile ruefully at that reflection as she walked around the pool to where she had her stuff.

‘I was ready to leave with him and end everything. I don’t think he knows I called an attorney and had a meeting set for later in the month.’ She paused to fix her sandal, bending slightly at the waist and lifting her leg to reach the offending flip-flop. ‘I guess that helped make what happened next easier.’ As she flashed back to meeting Brad and his friends, she felt a slow flush crawl through her body. ‘Who knew I had all this… pent up sexual need. Who knew I would decide to take life by the balls and actually do something about it.’ She paused in her thinking to glance back at the pool. A young couple just entered, laughing and enjoying themselves. ‘She has gorgeous tits! Shit, how can I be this horny after the last few days? Maybe I really am addicted to sex.’

‘I was only with two other guys, including Jack, before this week. Now, add 6 new men in five freaking days.’ Thinking about the numbers brought about strange emotions. ‘I still feel embarrassed, a bit, but I want more, and I’m finished being timid.’ Fixing her sandal, she resumed walking. ‘Even last night wasn’t enough. Three guys and I outlasted them all and wanted to keep going.’ She finally arrived at her lounge chair.

Erin grabbed her towel and blotted off before she spread it out on the lounge chair and sensually slid her body to lay face down. Her back arched, bottom slightly raised just before she settled. Again, realizing what she was doing she thought, ‘I used to be shy but now, I’m intentionally trying to draw attention to my ass.’

Coming to a rest, she propped up on her elbows, to read her Kindle, continuing the article she was engrossed in before taking her laps. The warm sun and light breeze felt amazing against her bare skin. For an instant, she was intimately aware she was nude in public, clearly visible to a dozen other naked sunbathers. ‘The guy across the pool has been staring since I got here.’

Erin paused in her reading to pick up her buzzing phone and respond to the text message she received. Chuckling at both the message and her response she dropped the phone next to her Kindle. Truthfully, she hadn’t been paying attention to the pages as she allowed her mind to again wander.

Erin could see Jack watching her over the book he was reading. His penis was laying limp and to the right, like it always does when he is relaxed. She chuckled again at the thought. ‘I would never have believed we could be relaxed and naked around others. Especially, after the last few days. Well, really after the last few years.’ She gave herself a mental shrug and returned to her reading. Jack was trying to not appear obvious, but she knew he was curious about who she was texting.

‘I should probably cancel that meeting with the attorney.’ Erin paused in her reading as the thought raced through her mind, followed up with, ‘maybe I should wait until after the weekend and see how Jack reacts to my plans.’ Her heart raced as she flashed through the ideas she and Beth were texting. ‘It won't be that much more than what I’ve already done. So why does thinking about it make me so damn horny?’

She read several more pages in the article on her Kindle. ‘Fascinating.’ Erin thought to herself reaching again to her buzzing phone. Reading the message, she typed out another fast response with her thumbs before setting the phone next to her Kindle.

‘Flirting with a woman. What’s next for me?’ Erin reflected as she closed her eyes and flashed back to her first night at the nudist resort. Beth was sitting on the couch before her, legs spread breasts heaving. Her pussy swollen and oh so inviting. ‘My first time even touching another woman and I went down on her. Even if it was only for a few seconds.’

Erin shifted slightly, feeling a tingle in her cunt as she gently pushed against the towel covering the lounger. ‘It was so freaking hot watching her make out with…was it Brad? I felt one of the other guys behind me, fingering my pussy, driving me wild. Next thing I knew I was running my tongue along Beth’s labia. She tasted so good. Tangy and sweet at the same time.’ Erin sighed as she recalled Brad’s fingers gently opening Beth’s lips as she sucked on her clit.

Damn, I wanted more of that experience! The man behind Erin distracted her as he used the opportunity of her raised ass to screw her doggy style! ‘OK, I loved that, but I do miss not doing more with Beth.’

She was, once again, interrupted by the buzzing of her cell. Reading the message, she giggled and tapped out a fast response. ‘Sure, I’m up for anything. I’m positive!’ She read her words before pressing send. Her heart was fluttering in excitement.

“Hey there.” Jack finally opened the door, his curiosity getting the better of him. “You’ve been busy reading and texting for the last hour, what’s up?” Jack was smiling and now held the book he was reading down near his lap.

One of the staff of the nudist resort they were staying at stopped by before she could answer.

“Can I get you anything from the bar?” He asked.

“Thanks, Kent.” She said rolling to her side to stare up at him. Knowing full well that her perky breasts with small solid nipples would be clearly visible. “How about a refill on our rum and Cokes?” He smiled and nodded.

“Sure thing Erin, Jack. I’ll be right back with those.” She grinned as he wandered off, staring at his ass in the tight shorts the staff all wore. ‘A few days ago, I would have laughed if anyone would have said I’d be lying stark naked talking to a handsome guy while my husband lounged next to me.’ She snorted aloud, ‘Forget that, what about all I’ve done the last few days.’

At the last thought she flashed back to the previous night. It was only the day before that she and Jack came clean with each other about the state of their relationship. ‘I can’t believe how well he handled hearing about Brad and his friends.’ She thought. Rather than ending their marriage, the disclosures brought a renewed excitement and eagerness to explore. ‘I wonder how Jack will handle hearing what I’ve been reading? Some of the examples fit him to a ‘T’. He shouldn’t be too surprised.’

‘It was a good conversation. We needed it, but Jack had no idea I was ready to jump into swinging so fast.’ After they talked, Erin threw caution to the wind and pushed their agreement to try swinging, almost dragging Jack to the hot tub where they met another couple and shared their first couples experience.

Jack seemed to get into it, he even asked her to share a fantasy of his and she agreed. Little did she know, he would invite his best friend, Clint, to visit. Erin paused in her own thought, ‘He invited Clint, so he could get off knowing his best friend could see me naked and maybe do some heavy petting.” Erin snorted aloud at the remembrance. ‘I really don’t think he expected what came next. I surprised both with how aggressive I was. Funny, after Jim showed up Clint had a tough time getting hard. Serves the jerk.’ She snorted at the memory of Clint acting too tired and ‘bored’ to have another round. ‘Jack enjoyed it though. He even had another load for me after Jim finished. Damn! Who knew an older guy could go that long, and was he hung!’

“So,” Jack prompted her from her wool gathering. Erin smiled again as she glanced over to him.

“It’s Beth, remember from your first day here?” He gave me an almost sheepish grin. “They are all coming back for the party this weekend. She texted earlier and told me she was driving in today to beat the crowds and wanted to know what we were doing.” Now it was Erin’s turn for a sheepish, almost embarrassed grin.

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