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Sharon's Punishment - with excerpt.

Hi All!

I've had a work in progress for a few weeks now. I'm pretty excited about it as I've taken what I consider to be a slightly darker, definitely rougher turn than normal for me. The story is called Sharon's Punishment and you can guess by the name some of the details.

I am working edits now and hope to have it ready for publishing in a few days. Below is one of my sample book covers. I'm not sure if I will choose this one, or the one in my next post. OH, here is a sample. Please excuse any typos or errors as I am still editing.

Punishing Sharon

“Holy shit!” Sharon gasped again as the import of what she’d just done hit her. “I always fucking hated cock teases and… Fuck!” She gasped as she roughly fingered herself amazed and a little dismayed at how aroused the simple act of dropping her negligee in front of Steve and Will made her. Despite her inner turmoil, she knew she was too far gone to allow herself to stop. She had to get off tonight and needed Brent to satisfy her over and over. She would deal with her behavior in the morning. Yeah, she’d tell the guys sorry, or just never mention it again. But holy shit, it made her so wet.

Not willing to wait for Brent, she moved to the bed and pulled some of her favorite toys from the drawer of her nightstand. She’d already prepped the room for the night she planned with Brent, knowing he enjoyed watching her get off and participating in some of her kinkier passions. Taking one large vibrator from its case, she lay back and began rubbing it along her pussy, quickly spreading her natural lubrication across the latex toy. Sharon lost track of time as she concentrated on teasing her clit, bringing her close to orgasm before backing away. She wanted Brent to be here for the first, for all the orgasms of the evening.

“You having fun?” His soft voice brought her from her erotic meditations. Somehow, he knew exactly when to speak, just as she was allowing her body to come down from near climax.

“Mmmm, you been watching long?” She asked, opening her eyes slightly as she looked for him, finding his form standing next to the bed. His cock was full and jutting out from his body as he gently stroked the length.

“Long enough. You know I love watching. You seem to be having fun tonight, despite the change in plans.” He slid onto the bed to kneel next to her, rubbing his cock on her thigh, knowing the touch was something she enjoyed. He smiled at her sigh and watched her move the vibrator back to her clit. Slowly circling the nexus of her pleasure as she turned the toy down to its lowest setting. A light buzz filled the room for a few seconds. Sharon moaned slight then slid the toy down her cleft, pushing the blunt tip in slightly between swollen labia and whispered to him.

“Too much fun love. Damn.” She finally squeezed out between gritted teeth. She was torn with the need to confess to Brent and sheer embarrassment over what she’d done.

“Too much?” He asked softly. “What do you mean?” Sharon sighed before blurting out.

“I fucking cock teased them while you were in here.” Brent didn’t respond other than to continue to rub the tip of his penis against her with one hand, while gently twisting a nipple with the other.

“Tell me.” He whispered finally, only the buzzing of the vibrator and the metronome clicking of ice on the window broke the silence for a long minute.

“You saw me on the stairs. I don’t know what came over me. Then, I spent some time talking to Steve while Will showered. I knew he couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits, but I stood there anyway. Brent, it made me so damned hot.”

“Hmmm. Is that it?” Brent asked softly.

“No. I… I started to leave and ran into Will coming out of the shower. He was naked, just a towel. Well, he pulled the towel down to cover his cock. I couldn’t help myself. When I walked past him, I rubbed my ass against his thigh. He was watching, Steve was watching, I knew and loved it. My tit came out of the nighty. I think Steve saw that for sure then I just had a fuck it moment and…” She hesitated, “I dropped my nighty in the hall before I came in here.”

“Hmmm.” Brent chuckled, squeezing her tit a little harder as he let his gaze roam down her body. “They get a good look?”

“No, maybe.” She muttered then added. “Yeah, oh yeah. I made sure of that. My ass for sure, a lot of side boob.” Sharon gasped slightly as Brent twisted a nipple then moved his hand from his cock to her pussy.

“Did it turn you on?” He asked, then answered. “Never mind, I can tell it did.” His tones were soft and low as he touched her.

“You don’t mind?” She whispered to him as she slid the vibrator, she gripped in her hand a little deeper. Brent’s fingers now played with her slick clit, tugging it as he knew she enjoyed.

“Mind? Mind that you were a cock tease?” Brent pinched her sensitive clit between thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently bring a soft moan from Sharon.

“I’m sorry.” She hissed in pain and pleasure as he continued to play with her clit.

“Sorry for what?”

“Being a cock tease.”

“Well, if you are sorry. That means you did something wrong. Maybe you should be punished?” Sharon sucked in her lower lip excited at the direction the night was taking, and grateful Brent wasn’t pissed at her behavior. He knew she loved role playing, especially being punished. “I bet if I look, I’ll find the restraints.” Damn, he knew her so well. She had strapped their Velcro restraints to the head and footboards earlier that day. Hoping the night would take a rough turn she hid the straps just under the sheets. Brent got so creative when she was tied up, and she was in the mood for creative.

“Yes.” She whispered, wanting to move the softly vibrating toy up to her clit to bring about her first orgasm of the evening but holding back, eager to see what Brent would do. “I was bad, and you should punish me.”

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