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Pod Cast Interview

Welcome Back! Wow, we have been so incredibly busy the last few days. I've been making fitful efforts on the latest novel in the Photographer's Story series. If you want to see the first few chapters then be sure to join my Patreon site. In fact, I have done some updates which will be posted there in a few days. So, the purpose of my writing today is to talk about the podcast Lilly and I did with Wayne Clark this past Saturday. Click his name to go to his site and hear the interview. Lilly and I have been truly overwhelmed by the response on Twitter and Facebook. We loved the fact that so many people sent in questions. In fact, it seems to have been such a hit that we are even talking with Wayne about doing a follow up interview.

One of Lilly's favorite expressions is, "Coulda, woulda, shoulda". She said that as the post interview hits started rolling in. We should have done more pre-interview posts to let everyone know what was going one. The next time, we will.

The podcast is free, please give it a listen and pass along your thoughts. ALSO, we loved the questions, Lilly and I spent an hour answering questions on Facebook, post interview. People are so curious about this lifestyle.

Final thought, before I end this fast post. As I add content to the Patreon site and write, I can't help but reflect on my conversation with Lilly after the interview. We both talked about the need to keep this part of our life separate from 'older' friends and family who just wouldn't understand. I've been blurring and pixilating Lilly's face on tons of photos, preparing them for posting. It's sad. Her face is gorgeous, expressive and her eyes are simply captivating. We just can't take the risk of losing day jobs and hurting family. What makes us feel even worse is this, we both joke if the books and Patreon site take off we would have much less concern about who we offend. Is that terribly mercenary of us?

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