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Hi there!

Of course I can't just take time and work on my new novel. No, I had to take on a new undertaking. Let me start with Patreon. I've heard so much about it from fellow writers but didn't bother looking into the site until a few days ago. As an independent writer, I never expected to make much money off my work (hoped but didn't plan on it.) After checking into Patreon I thought it might be a great way to increase some of my income from writing and give readers and fans a little more. The best thing about the site is I can offer patrons opportunities to read upcoming works and, hold your breath, give you access to some of the artistic nudes we've taken over the last several years.

Most of the time these will feature Lilly alone, a few will have Lilly with a female model friend, topless at least. Others are from shoots we did with a male model friend who has become a swinger friend of ours over the last few years. He and Lilly love to get together in front of the camera and have some fun, lots of fun.

Yes, that is Lilly below. :) Enjoy!

Anyway, I would ask you to check out the site and please, offer suggestions. Please click this link to see what I have so far.

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