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Overexposed Videos - HOT

Hi all! The feedback from the first two videos has been great! I was asked why I did the videos and if I put just the 'good' parts on video.

Why did I do them? The main reason was to let people hear the words I wrote and expose them to the series. I am still new to writing romantic/erotica and am working, like many other authors, to build up a fan base. I figured a pretty woman reading some of the hot scenes would help spread the word.

Did I put just the 'good' parts on the videos... Nope, emphatically nope. You do hear some sexy stuff but the novel has far more. Overexposed has a mystery sub-plot, romance, relationship issues and more. Yes, plenty of sex but I also like telling a somewhat believable story about real people. OK, there are also plenty of additional sex scenes.

As is true with most authors, I enjoy hearing your feedback. Please let me know your thoughts on the videos and the books.


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