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Hello, I decided to do a very early cover reveal of 'Overexposed' for those who visit my web-site. Hope you like it.

I am very proud of this novel. In fact, after completing it, I have given a lot of thought to returning to the previous three to refine them and bring in some of the character development I was able to do in Book 4.

So, what is it all about? I will confess, I always have difficulty with the catchy blurb to hook the reader. I find it hard to summarize 50,000 words to just a few. But, for you I will try. Lilly and Kyle take a working vacation to the Florida Keys. By working, I mean several erotic photo shoots. they learn more about themselves as individuals and continue to refine their relationship. Struggling with the concept of sex vs love. Do they find answers? Read to learn that for yourselves. Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter 1.

- On my computer screen, there was an image of a nearly nude woman standing in profile, her back arched, buttocks pushed into the muscular black man standing behind her. She had one arm stretched back, the viewer, me, had to imagine that she was grasping his cock. One of his dark arms wrapped around her body, the hand clutched a large tit, fingers spread, tips planted firmly in her pale flesh. Her head was thrown back, mouth open in pleasure. A soft pile of black silky cloth lay at her feet. Before her stood a finely muscled nude man, his cock in her other hand, firm and pointing to her barely seen pussy. The tableau screamed passion and lust. Desire was etched on every inch of their bodies. Staring at the image I felt it reflected not dominance of a woman, instead, it seemed to bring forth her power and control. For me, that made the scene even more erotic. I leaned in, staring intently, then moved my cursor to the control for contrast, changing it slightly to my satisfaction before leaning back in my chair and stretching.

I had been editing these photos on and off for the last five days. In the back of my mind I wondered, then chuckled at my detachment as I worked. After all, the woman was my wife and the two men with her were models hired to do an erotic shoot. Leaning back, I stretched and reflected on the events that had gotten us to that shoot.

Months ago we had begun selling artistic nudes online through a website separate from our primary business, Behind the Lens Photography. That business had been booming with corporate contracts and work with many different models. In fact, that was one of the reasons I was so exhausted. The five days since the shoot I was now editing had been filled with multiple portrait shoots and discussions with potential and current clients. I dragged my mind off that track and back to Jill and Gary. They had contacted us through our ‘nude’ photography site after they purchased several photos. Actually, they purchased huge canvas prints of our work. It turned out they owned a high end swinger’s club in San Francisco and wanted to redo their art with classy, sensual images. I reached out for my mug of now tepid coffee and took a sip as I stared at the screen and continued reflecting. Tepid though it was, it still had plenty of caffeine and sugar. Mmmmm...

Our discussions led to an eventual trip to Frisco and our acceptance of the commission. Oh, the last big detail: they wanted Lilly to be one of the primary models for the ten commissioned shoots we agreed to complete for their club.

Lilly and I had only been together as a couple for a short while, but we had filled that time already with many adventures and discoveries. The biggest being that we enjoyed sharing each other sexually. That discovery had begun with a three-way with a female model friend, then on to a crazy encounter at a swinger’s club in Vegas then again in Frisco. While we had been exploring our personal sexual revolution, some of that had intertwined with our professional life. We had worked to keep our erotic photo shoots ‘professional’, but more often than not, they ended with the models too turned on to continue faking things. -

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