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My Bound Valentine

Hi there! I had so much fun writing a few short stories that I thought I would do another focused on Valentines Day... OK, honestly, Lilly Ann was narrating Overexposed and during a break we talked about the short stories. She loved the Christmas short and suggested I write one for Valentines Day! Perfect, I thought, but what about a topic? I told Lilly I loved the idea but Valentines is done to death, what topic could I choose? I remember her blushing a bit as she suggested Bondage. 'Gasp' As we talked, her break extended and we ended up hashing out a pretty neat outline. Once we finished, I told her I would credit her as the co-author. Then, I had my own brilliant idea and asked her to write chapters from Lilly's perspective.

The end product is hot, very, very hot.

Lilly also agreed to do some video excerpts for the short in her red corset... I'll put the other three up over the next few days. My Bound Valentine is available on Amazon for pre-order.

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