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Lilly's Sexiest Video

Hi All,

I have some very sexy surprises for everyone, just keep reading.

Lilly is still working on creating audio versions of Erin's Erotic Adventures. Doing high quality audio takes time, even for a short story and to be honest, she has been pretty busy.

However, Lucky US!!! She did offer to do more videos. Have you seen the one I posted on Twitter with the red corset? It's pretty hot. The one below is even better, so much better. Before you view it, let me tell you how these are made.

Lilly is self conscious about me or anyone else being around when she reads one of the stories as an audio book or does one of the video teasers. So, she sets up in the room used for recording (I can't call it a sound room because it isn't that fancy) and does her recordings. Then, at some time in the future, I am allowed to listen or view what she put together.

That's how the red corset videos started. She told me what she was going to wear, changed in the room and spent a few hours doing audio and video recordings.

The video's all have to be short, for twitter, although she has made a few longer ones I've posted here. Also, we like the teaser of a corset or lingerie rather than her just being nude. Sorry! Believe me. Anyway, I watched several of her corset shoots before opening the file with this video. What a shock, she changed into a sheer top and did a very erotic 8 minute reading from Hot Tub Party. Did she really get aroused as she read it? Yep.

Can I Say WOW! Enjoy the video and if you like it, be sure to get the complete set of Erin's Erotic Adventures by clicking the link. These are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Look for her next adventure, Seducing the Boss on August 31.

And my last sexy surprise? To celebrate the release of Seducing the Boss I am running a GIVEAWAY on Amazon of Party Time. That's right, Party Time is free from August 28 through August 30, 2018! Enjoy.

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