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Life Updates

Wow, I am so sorry I haven't been on this site to add updates in months. I see my last Blog was actually back in October. The last few months have been crazy busy for me. I've been trying to complete the next novel in The Photographer's Story. The story line is taking many twists as I run behind my characters. In fact, in the process of writing this novel, I decided to go back and do a complete rewrite of the first novel. Most of what I did just ties things together, plus I corrected some glaring, to me, errors. As I finished that project I decided to redo the covers. I hope you like them!

I also wrote a new story, due for publication February 9, 2019. It is a story about a couple and their first swing experience. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. The story is title Between Friends, A True Swingers Story and is available on Amazon. Is it true? Well, I can tell you the basics actually happened. :)

Now, the rest of my Life Updates and part of the reason why I've been so slow here. The last several months I've had some health issues. For months I chalked up the lack of energy to seasonal issues and dealing with a winter for the first time in years. Meh. Just last week I had some other issues and went in to see my doctor. Long story short, I spent several days giving blood and getting CAT scans and an MRI. The week ended with no definitive information. A terribly frustrating situation as the tests were revealing some potentially scary news. This week, I had a long talk with my doctor and have some scheduled appointments with specialists and more tests next week. While nobody will commit to a diagnosis, yet, the odds are very good I have cancer. While the doctors haven't committed to the diagnosis, they have discussed how treatable it is, if I have the type of cancer the last tests seem to indicate.

I really debated writing anything here. I hate being one of those people who airs things like this in public. What changed, in part, was a lovely email from a reader, asking about the next book and why I've done no updates here. I've become close to several readers and felt a need to share. Which brings me to my second and selfish reason. So far, only Lilly is aware of the situation. She has been a rock, beyond that! I decided I didn't want to share with anyone until I had definitive news. However, this morning, sitting at the computer and trying to work on the new novel my mind kept wandering to 'What If's' I finally decided sharing this with my anonymous online friends might be a good way to relieve some of my stress.

I will provide updates, hopefully great news, as soon as I hear more. I am also going to plunge into my writing and hope to complete the next novel in the next few months. Look for a quick posting about the short story in a few days.


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