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Hot Tub Party


The second short story in, Erin's Erotic Adventures, is now available for preorder on Amazon and Smashwords. This one is sub-titled 'Hot Tub Party' and picks up where 'Laying Out' left off. I won't do too many spoilers, since 'Laying Out' just released this week. :) However, I will post an excerpt from Hot Tub Party below, since you are all loyal followers.

Before I do that, I wanted to say I was really excited to see 'Laying Out' get a great reception. While it hasn't hit the top 100 on Amazon, it has made a lot of sales and generated many personal e-mails to me. Many readers are asking about the second story and if I plan this as a series. Well, I've already answered the question about book 2, preorder your copy now. Haha.

Will this be a series? Almost definitely. At least two more shorts as I

wanted to end Erin's week at the nudist resort. After that? I'm not sure. I have some fun ideas to play with and may keep Erin's Adventures in the lineup. I'm enjoying the characters and story, always fun for an author.

Last thing before I post a quick preview. I have received so many e-mails from readers, most complimentary, more than I deserve. I ask them, and you, to please leave a review when you enjoy a book. Mine or another author's, it matters to the writer to know someone is reading and enjoying their work.

Excerpt from Erin's Erotic Adventures - Nudist Resort: Hot Tub Party

Chapter 1 - Jack’s Back

Erin’s hand slid across the nightstand, searching for the source of the buzzing that had awoken her. “Damn it.” She grumbled, opening bleary eyes to aid her hand as it groped blindly along the slick surface.

Finally, grabbing the source of annoyance she peered at the screen. ‘Jack… Fuck JACK!’ She thought to herself in an instant of panic.

Her mind flashed back to the night before with Brad. Oh yeah, plus his two male friends, what the hell were their names? And… Beth. Erin groaned aloud as she pieced together the craziness of the previous night. ‘What have I done?? Oh my God, shit!’ She moaned, dropping her face into her hands.

The phone stopped it’s incessant buzzing, only to start again.

Screwing up her courage and remembered anger at Jack she pressed the accept button and answered with a simple and noncommittal, “Hey.”

That’s what she would have done anyway, nothing suspicious here. Her hand scratched absently at one breast, she had something dried and crusty…. ‘Cum! I have cum all over my tits and… everywhere. Oh crap, he better not be here already.’ She was still supposed to be pissed at him for leaving her alone their first day at the nudist resort. ‘How can I be pissed when I am covered with another guy… er several guys… cum!’

“Babe, I am so sorry.” Jack started. ‘Good beginning.’ Erin replied in her head, making no sound otherwise. “Honestly, the job took a lot longer and… I’m sorry. Can I make it up to you?”

“Are you on the way?” Erin asked, suddenly picking up on the sound of the shower running in the background. ‘Shit!’

“Yeah, I’m about two hours out.” He replied, sounding miserable. Sighing loudly, he asked, “Do you still want to leave?”

Erin wanted to let him suffer in silence for a bit, but she couldn’t risk him hearing someone in the background.

“No, but let’s talk when you get here.” Then, not being able to resist. “I’ll probably be at the pool, just come down when you are ready.”

Now it was his turn for silence. “Really? Sure, OK. I love you, see you.” He was definitely surprised. After all, he spent months talking her into coming to the nudist resort and the last he knew, she was planning on spending the previous day in the room reading.

“Fine, just be careful. I love you too.” She said and realized she meant it. Even if he was an ass sometimes.

Putting the phone back on the nightstand, she looked around the bedroom. ‘Shit, a bit messy but when nobody wears clothes, not too bad. I can get it set in a few minutes and then head to the pool. It will serve him right to have to come find me.’ She thought, admitting it was a little malicious.

Erin rolled out of the queen bed that occupied the bedroom of their suite. She stretched, reaching her arms high above her head and twisting slightly. As she turned, she caught a glimpse of her svelte body in a mirror on the far wall. Pausing, she thought, ‘Not bad at all. Tits a little small but gotta love that ass.’

Erin was tall, at 5’10” with perky champagne glass size tits capped with small, sensitive nipples. She knew her ass was nice enough to stop traffic. She’d seen the stares from coworkers and strangers enough to feel confident in that. ‘Not bad looking at all!’ Staring closer she let out an inner wail as she saw the crusty residue of the previous night on her tits… and hair, ‘I am a mess!’

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