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I'm having such a fun time writing Erin's new adventure and book 5 of The Photographer's Story. I thought I would give everyone something to share the fun. This weekend, August 3, 2018 through August 5, 2018 book 3 of Erin's Erotic Adventures - His Best Friend, will be FREE on Amazon. In book 3 Erin is pushing Jack to see how far he will allow her to explore her newfound erotic freedom. Well, he decided to push back and have a little fun when he invites his best friend to stay with them at the resort. A guy Erin hates. No spoilers but it turns into a great time for everyone.

Yep, all that for free. Grab a copy and please let me know what you think. If you like it, remember, all 5 stories are available as a box set in Erin's Erotic Adventures - Nudist Resort Series. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Here is a sample from the book:

Erin turned from Jack to stare at Clint, the man who was her husband’s best friend since high school. Clint was an inch taller than Jack with deep black skin. He’d shaved his head for as long as she knew him, ‘shaves his nuts too,’ Erin thought as her eyes fell on his junk. ‘OK, not bad, not a porn dick but not bad. HOLY FUCK! That’s Clint’s cock I’m staring at!’

Erin first met Clint when she was in college. He was Jack’s roommate and from the first minute they met, he rubbed her the wrong way. ‘He was and is a fucking douche! He was always flirting with me, grabbed my ass a few times and made sure to drop his towel whenever I was in the room with Jack. Prick loved to make me uncomfortable!’

“Hey babe!” Clint called to her as he dropped a towel on the chair next to her. “Jack, dude! Thanks for the invite. We finally cleaned up that mess with the mainframe so perfect timing for me to get away. I dropped my stuff in the room.”

‘Our room! Not our room!’ Erin wailed internally, still trying to subtly cover herself. ‘Is it so weird because I know him outside this place? Or is it because he is a fucking tool?’

“Great! Glad you found the key.” Jack replied. Erin noticed he didn’t have his rubber wrist band. “Hey, I’m taking a dip to cool down before we head to the room. C’mon Erin, you look like you are hot.”

“Too late to cover up hot stuff.” Clint leered down at her, his oh so white teeth stood out on his dark face. “Already got a great look at those tits of yours as I walked up. So much better than back at the dorm. Sure, let me grab a drink and I’ll meet you.”

‘Yeah, prick. You were always trying to get a cheap look.’ Erin thought, recalling a time their junior year. She just finished blowing Jack when Clint came in the room. ‘We had the damn sign on the door, he knew but wanted to catch us.’ She quickly grabbed a sheet to cover her bare tits, only to have Clint, laughing, tug it away. Her hands moved to hide her boobs, but she knew he got a glimpse.

“Clint.” Erin said to him, debating her next words. She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back. ‘Get a good look asshole!’ she thought before saying. “Mmmmm, I just needed a stretch. Yeah, I’m ready for some time in the pool.” Saying so, she stood, nearly brushing Clint as she rose.

“Good to see you.” Erin told him, then in a bid to show him she wasn’t nervous, gave him their usual hug. ‘Not usual this time though, like my tits fuckwad? Uhhh, yeah, probably as much as I like feeling your cock push against my pussy. STOP!’ She quickly released him, took Jack by the hand and sauntered to the pool.



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