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Excerpt from The Photographer's Story

Hi there!

I am nearly ready to publish the revision to The Photographer's Story. As a preview, I thought it would be fun to share the first page. Let me know what you think. More excerpts to come!


My view of the clock hanging on the wall before me was annoyingly blocked every other second, I knew it was every other second because I was keeping track. one-one thousand, two-one thousand… The obstruction was a shoulder, the shoulder of an admittedly gorgeous and very naked woman as she writhed on top of me. I turned my eyes back to her face, tired of counting, as I took in her features. The shoulder length blonde hair, in need of more color as I observed dark roots beginning to show, moved with her motion, slightly obscuring her face as she slid forward. She was cute, pretty in every sense of the word. Sharp cheekbones, but not too sharp gave her an exotic appearance as they set off her large green eyes. I watched as those eyes, still closed, seemed to roll back in her head while my fingers firmly kneaded her small, almost non-existent breasts in a regular, practiced motion. Her tiny nipples, solid pebbles under my palms.

“Yes, Yes!” She moaned, eyes still closed as I squeezed her breasts again. I knew she liked her tits squeezed hard during sex; she told me during our first time several years ago. As I lay under her I thought back to how we met. Kayley and I ran into each other at a law seminar several years ago. We were both hiding in one of the hotel bars, avoiding an interminably long session on… something. After an hour or two of shameless flirting, we ended up in her hotel room for the night.

What the hell was that seminar? Something to do with the latest tax laws? Shit Kyle, focus! I thought to myself as I drifted away in thought. How the hell could I be in danger of losing an erection? But in fact, I was, I was bored. Pulling myself away from random memories, I focused on the here and now. I forcibly pulled my mind back to all the wonderful sensations as she slid her body along mine, my cock buried deep in her warmth. Better.

Kaley really was gorgeous, she was also very good in bed. OK, maybe well practiced would be a better way to put it, as our sex was routine, almost formulaic. She was tall, athletic, and bottle blonde, with no strings attached. Exactly what I looked for when I needed to get laid. Or at least it was always what I’d wanted in the past.

Lately, I had begun to question my life choices. None of the women I’d been seeing, all on a very casual basis, held my interest. If I was being honest, I doubt I held their interest either. Sex and an occasional dinner party was all my relationships seemed to involve. Which was never a problem for me until lately. It couldn’t be that I was lonely? The thought of a relationship never held appeal to me and still didn’t. Right?

Why do I find her so boring? I thought to myself as I worked to help her reach her climax, driving my hips into her on each downward plunge. I felt the firm, steady beat of her heart under my thumbs increase in rhythm as I admired her pale, perfect skin glistening with sweat from our efforts.

She really is gorgeous, and intelligent but… I was distracted by her loud moaning.

“Yes, yes… Just like that!” She exclaimed. Suddenly, her back arched and she ground her pubis hard against me, breathing in deep sudden gasps.

“Fuck!” Kayley moaned in ecstasy as I watched her orgasm face contort then slowly relax. She relaxed her body on my member sliding down as far as possible, as if to take it deeper. I felt her start to roll to the side as she clutched my lower torso with her legs to pull me over. It was a moved we practiced often.

All part of our normal routine - one of us would call the other, see if there was some free time and arrange a place to meet. Usually, that was my loft as it was convenient to both our offices. We would strip on the way to the bedroom, engage in light foreplay that always ended with her on top for her orgasm, and a roll over so I could have my turn.

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