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Erin's Erotic Romance - Nudist Resort - Party Time

NOW AVAILABLE: The last week hasn't gone at all as Erin planned. She thought it might be her final vacation with Jack, her husband. Their marriage had been on the rocks for years and this was to be her last attempt to bring them together by allowing him his fantasy of going nude in public. She hoped the trip would help to rekindle the closeness they once shared. On her first day Jack left her alone so he could work. Furious with him, she decided to enjoy her time despite him. Little did either of them know the events that followed would waken her dormant sexual desires and change their relationship. It began when Erin fell in with an easy going group of swingers and allow a little of her stifled sexual needs to come out. She was shocked at her behavior but quickly embraced the changes coming over her. The more she tried, the more she realized she needed to explore. Over the next several days she would embrace her inner sexual being and challenge Jack, as well as herself, to recreate their relationship. Jack was surprised at her sexual aggression. He could barely handle it when she pulled him into a rendezvous with a couple they just met in Hot Tub Party. She surprised him again when she agreed to one of his deep fantasies as he invited his best friend to visit them at the resort in - His Best Friend. In- Time for Beth, Erin pushed even further. She had a brief encounter with Beth on her first day but wanted more, much more. She also came to realize Jack enjoys watching her, almost more than joining in. Armed with that knowledge and her desire to be with another woman, she planed their next sexual escapade. Not telling Jack part of the night would have him tied to a chair, watching but not allowed to touch. Now, Erin asks Beth to help her push beyond anything she did during the week. She is almost desperate to explore her own sexual boundaries. Now, it is their last night at the resort. After a week of debauchery, they will end their stay attending a costume party with their new friends. Beth has promised her a night she will never forget, but will it be more than she can handle?

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On Tuesday our YouTube channel was: '...terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines on Nudity and Sexual content. YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or ot


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