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Do you know someone who swings??? I bet you do....

Forget the cliches about swingers. Guys with lots of necklaces, key parties, overly forward and pushy.... Let's not forget special underwear, oils and orgies. That is a Seinfeld reference, in case you missed it. :)

You know all the jokes and stereotypes. Lilly and I thought we did too until we dipped our foot in and really learned. Let's just set a few things straight. Just like there are all kinds of single people, their are all kinds of swingers. Yes, the cliches have some element of truth, but for every typical swinger, there are dozens more who slide in under the radar. Maybe your minister and his wife, the couple next door or even your grandparents.

Yep, there are retirement communities where the elderly have become very open about their swinging lifestyle. In Florida, there are many news stories about how shower scrunchies are used to advertise swinger preferences. True story, especially among the retired. If you are in Florida and see a scrunchie hanging from a golf cart mirror or a car antenna it is an advertisement, not just something cute. Different colors signify different 'accepted' practices.

There are swingers who love going to parties and are comfortable with large groups while others prefer a small tighter knit community of friends.

If you have an interest in swinging, the real problem is meeting up with like minded people. The shower scrunchies are actually a creative and safe way to let others know your interests. Like I said, the real issue, if you are a swinger, is getting to know others. That is especially true for most swingers who need to keep their lifestyle secret.

Lilly and I know others who have met with couples through personal adds, gone to parties or joined swinger clubs. The issue is that while MANY people like the idea of swinging they aren't into one night stands. That sounds totally opposite of the stereotype, doesn't it?

Lilly and I fall into that group. We've never been club people (swinger or otherwise.). Sure, we've gone but it really isn't our scene. When we talked about swinging, we agreed it needed to be with people we liked.

More on this later. By the way, check out my Patreon page if you have a chance.

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