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Between Friends - A True Swingers Story

Between Friends went live today on Amazon! Look below for a very brief teaser from Chapter 1.

I've had several Twitter followers contact me since I began posting about this story. Most were excited to see me publish a new short story an almost everyone asked me if the story is really 'true.' The answer is yes, with a few changes to protect identities. If you have followed me here, or read some of my author information you know that Lilly and I travel a great deal, all the places I write about we have seen in person. Many years ago we found ourselves on a nude beach in Hawaii (If you ever visit and want directions please send me a message.) Prior to finding the beach, we had talked about the 'nudist' lifestyle. Neither one of us had any hangups about being naked, we just never found ourselves where public nudity was accepted. Until that day. Lilly had posed nude during her modeling career, but again, very different from being nude in public. Anyway, we decided why not, dropped our swim suits and enjoyed ourselves. In fact, we juggled our plans so we could go back to the beach everyday for the rest of our stay.

So, back to the book. That experience led to many others. We learned about the nudist lifestyle and stuck to traditional naturist practices. We joked about swinging but all our friends were very much into the AANR and followed their guidelines. Then we met another couple, similar to us in many ways.... OK, no spoilers now, you will have to get the book.

One more thing. Life experiences are different for everyone. We know people who are into swinger clubs and had their first experiences with swapping in an orgy room. Others, stepped into the lifestyle tentatively, checking their way and moving slowly. My point, for those of you who ask how to get into swinging, there is no one way. Our rules are similar to what I've written about. 1. Talk with your partner. 2. No always means No. 3. Talk with your partner.

OK, enough on that.


Shaking himself slightly Jeff looked her in the eyes. “You ready for tonight? Brent just sent a text, he should be here in about 30 minutes.” Karen stepped back and closed her robe as Jeff spoke, her flush visible as it rose on her neck. She looked down for a second before responding, then nodded and looked him in the eye.

“It’s funny, all the ‘naked’ stuff we’ve done over the last few years makes at least part of this easy.” Tying her robe, she walked over to an end table where a bottle of Tequila sat next to three shot glasses and a bowl of lime wedges. She deftly poured herself a shot, then picked up a wedge of lime and ran it along her left wrist which she then delicately sprinkled with salt from a shaker. Picking up the shot glass she glanced at Jeff, who still stood by the fireplace watching her. Karen brought the glass to her lips and tilted it back with one smooth motion, downing the contents then made use of the salt and lime. Placing the shot glass on the table she stood and glanced back to Jeff before responding.

“Sure. I’m ready. I just need to take it slow, like we talked about.” Karen took a few steps closer and placed a hand on Jeff’s chest. “What about you? Are you sure about this?”

Final Thoughts: I am so appreciative for the many well wishes and encouragement after my last post. I will keep everyone updates as I learn more. I have an appointment with a specialist on February 11 and hope to hear an actual diagnosis. The waiting is the worst.

Thanks! Kyle

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