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Audio Book Delayed

Well, I knew things were going along too well on the audio book. I won't go into all the details but ACX (the company that puts together audio books for Audible). Requested a few changes as a result of their review process. All technical stuff but once done, the whole thing has to go through the review process a second time. They warn it is a 10 to 14 day delay. The book was re-submitted January 30th, so possibly an February 14 release date.... I am a little frustrated but don't mind the delays as long as the quality is good.

So, what to expect with the audio book? It is a complete recording of the text from Overexposed. That translates to about 4.5 hours of book. I did work to keep costs low, on this first production, so no music or add-ons. Just Lilly's sexy voice.

Also, I appreciate the many positive comments on the videos! Yes, Lilly is gorgeous, yes she has a sexy voice! LOL She appreciates those comments as well.

More later - Kyle

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