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Audio Book and Rambling

Hi there! First, the news, or lack of news on the audio version of Overexposed. It is now in limbo with audible. I've seen this message for the last two weeks:

This title is:

Headed to Retail

Preparing audiobook for Amazon, Audible and iTunes

So, I guess it is time to twiddle thumbs and wait. I will post here as soon as the book is available. Oh... Almost forgot, I am planning something special for the release of the audiobook. Nope, gotta wait.

Now, on to my ramblings. My Bound Valentine recently hit the top 100 in erotic/bondage titles! Lilly and I were so excited to see the interest AND get some positive feedback. I've been told you can't judge erotic works by the feedback on Amazon because people worry about their anonymity. I get that, it is a shame we have to hide something so fundamental about ourselves. But, I have to admit, I also use a pen name AND Lilly doesn't show her face in the video recordings. :) Last thought on MBV, Lilly and I are planning on introducing it as an audio book. We are waiting to see how this whole process ends with Overexposed.

The new book - it is definitely coming along. I took a long break in January to let thoughts settle. At the end of the month I began really hitting the story. I am adding some early 'adventure' to the tail. Heeding the advice of Lilly and others to bring in more conflict. I like what the characters are doing, and hope you will like the direction they lead.

I've had several messages asking who modeled the front cover of My Bound Valentine.... Hmmmm, isn't fantasizing wonderful? LOL

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