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An Excerpt from Erin's Erotic Adventures

Chapter 3 - The Hot tub

“Nice thing about being naked is we don’t have to worry about getting dressed.” Jack told Erin as they left their suite, towels over their shoulders and feet in sandals.

Erin glanced at him, “Captain Obvious much?”

He laughed at her nodding his head, “Yeah, I knew how stupid it was when I said it.”

They walked the trail hand in hand, heading back in the direction of the pool.

“The bar is on the way to the hot tub. We can get margaritas in those huge plastic cups to take with us.” Erin pointed to the poolside bar, a few men, she didn’t notice any women, were sitting on stools at the bar. The pool was well lit and appeared empty.

“It was pretty busy last night.” Erin remarked as she and Jack walked up to the bar. “Pretty active crowd then. I guess everyone left for the week.” She peered at him as she spoke, gauging his reaction. She and Brad met the others back at the pool, skipping the original plan of meeting at the campsite. It was the secret touching and flirting in the water that quickly revved her up for a return to the room.

She and Jack ordered margaritas, taking the large plastic cups with them to the quaint wooden building that housed the hot tub, a short walk from the pool.

As they walked Erin commented, “Beth told me the hot tub is one area at the resort they… Well, they let people fool around.”

“Really…” Jeff stumbled out, his pace slowing. “She really said that?”

“Yes, this could be fun. Right?” Erin sipped her strong drink after speaking. ‘I can be such a bitch but to hell with it. He pulled me into this fantasy and I really like it.’

“You’re serious… I mean, what if…”

“Jack, relax, let’s see about ‘what if’ later.” She never slowed, forcing him to catch up to her as they neared the hot tub. The building was a large, octagon shape with floor to ceiling windows on 5 of the 8 sides. Two opened as large sliding doors creating an entrance large enough for two couples to walk in side by side.

Erin sipped her drink as they walked the path to the hot tub. “Maybe I’ll play with your cock while we are covered by bubbles.” She laughed merrily at his suddenly shocked look.

“Got me.” He had the grace to laugh at himself. “Did you come here last night?”


As they entered the room they saw the tub was occupied already by two older men and an older woman, ‘probably 60’s’ Erin thought. The three engaged in a conversation, loud enough to be heard over the jets but too soft to carry much beyond the tub itself.

“OK, that’s a hot tub.” Jack exclaimed. It was almost a small indoor pool, large enough for at least 12 people.

“Hey kids!” We were just leaving, you can have the place to yourself. Well, until someone else shows up.” One of the men called to them, standing as he spoke and walking to the stairs. The couple behind him quick to follow. As the first man rose from the water Erin’s eyes were pulled to his huge nutsack. ‘Holy shit. Guess that happens when you get older.’

“We aren’t in any hurry.” Jack replied, stepping past Erin to hang his towel on a wall hook for that purpose. Erin quickly followed.

The three quickly sprayed off under the two shower heads located in a small alcove while Erin and Jack awaited their turn. The woman quickly soaping the back of both men. ‘Hmmm, I wonder if they are swingers?’

No sooner had the older trio left than a couple arrived. Erin guessed them to be in their late 30’s or early 40’s, both holding cups from the bar. The man was tall and thin with dark hair slightly graying at the temples. He had the longest, thinnest cock Erin had seen.

The woman he was with was just shorter than Erin with long dark hair pulled back to a ponytail. She looked like a fitness fanatic with ripped abs. Jack, she saw, did a double take at the site of her tits. ‘OH MY GOD, No way are they real! For an older couple, they are pretty cute.’

They approached Jack and Erin, arms around each other, “Hi! I’m Gill and this is my wife Ann.” The man said cheerily. Erin noticed he was wearing a beaded necklace and leather wrist band.

“We haven’t seen you here before.” Ann chimed in. “Thought we’d say, Hi, before we all jump in the tub. Why don’t you two spritz off first?”

Erin and Jack quickly introduced themselves and placed their drinks on the edge of the tub before moving to the shower heads. Jack did a quick spin, allowing the water to spray his body, Erin noticed his dick had started to lengthen, pre-erection. ‘Hmmm, poor guy. I can have some fun with this.’

“If one of you wants to jump in on the other side, I don’t mind.” Erin called out to Ann and Gill. Jack had settled into the water facing her, his eyes widened as he heard. ‘Ha, he has no idea what that means to some people around here.’

Ann and Gill exchanged a quick, meaningful look. “Gill go ahead. You wanted to hit the tub first anyway.”

Gill started his shower then stepped back, his ass bumping Erin’s. “Sorry, the water was cold and surprised me.” He turned his back to the spray, facing her as he apologized.

“No worries!” Erin laughed good natured, reaching out to grasp his arm. “I don’t mind.” Finishing with a smile and a wink. ‘Sure, it was an accident. Holy fuck, I’m flirting with him and they are testing me.’

“Tight fit in here for two people. I was just finished anyway.” Erin turned, her hip just grazing his cock. “Whoops.” She laughed and stepped out, leaving the shower running for Ann. She watched the by-play with a knowing smile, winking to Erin as she passed.

Before stepping into the hot tub, Erin stopped at the edge where she and Jack had left their drinks. She bent at the waist to pick them up aiming her ass in the direction of the shower. Standing up, she turned slightly and saw both Ann and Gill were looking in her direction, smiles on their faces. ‘OK, that should be real obvious.’

“Erin, seriously!” Jack whispered just loud enough for her to hear as she sat next to him, placing their glasses on the shelf behind him. She reached down, between his legs to grasp his cock, bringing her face near his.

“Chill love. You like it, and so does he.” She gave him a dirty grin as she shook his half hard cock.

“Damn it! They are a lot older than us. Would you really fuck him?” He whispered back, a smile plastered on his face.

“Yes, I would fuck him, I would suck him and let him blow his load on my face and you know what? You would love it. They are sexy, no matter how old and I know you want to play with her tits.” Erin was glaring at him, her face turned from Gill and Ann, hoping her body language didn’t betray her anger.

“Jesus, Erin, really.” Jack sighed.

“Yes. Really.” She replied firmly. “You opened the door, you pushed us to come here and it’s been your fantasy. Now grow a pair and have fun or leave. I’m staying either way.”

He glared at her for a long moment before his face fell. “I’ll stay.” She knew he was too good an actor to not paste on a real smile and be nice, once the decision had been made.

“Good, let’s enjoy this. Right?” He nodded and smiled.

“Do you two mind if we dim the lights a bit?” Ann called to them as she and Gill approached the water.

“Sure, no problem with me. Erin?” Erin just nodded and smiled. She was pleased to see Jack seemed to relax and looked as if he planned on enjoying the evening.

Once in the tub, they struck up a freewheeling conversation. Gill loved to talk, and as the group became more relaxed, she noticed his comments grew more risqué. ‘Jack is enjoying the dirty jokes… Well, so am I.’ She also noticed that he and Ann took equal turns talking to Jack and her and tended to be close talkers.

‘Ann is pretty sexy, I wouldn’t mind playing with her tits.’ Erin found herself musing as Ann spoke to her about a recent trip. ‘Wow, I’ve never actively thought about sex with another woman. That stuff with Beth just happened…’

Ann stopped talking and grinned at her, as if catching her train of thought and encouraging it.

The hot tub cycled off twice as they chatted. The first time Ann got out to reset the timer, intentionally swaying her ass, she got a guffaw from Gill and laughs from Erin and Jack.

On her return, she grabbed her tits and proclaimed she was launching the SS TATA’s. Then slid into the water, her tits making a sizeable wave.

“Damn, those things do float pretty good!” Exclaimed Gill as he reached out and playfully tried to push one underwater.

“Ha, you try Jack.” Gill called out good naturedly. Erin smirked at Jack’s surprised look. Seeing her snarky look seemed to embolden Jack, as he did reach out and pushed on one of Ann’s tits.

“Nope, no sinking that!” He exclaimed to another round of laughs. Ann moved near Erin and struck up a conversation about work and travel.

The second time, Gill got the timer. “Got no tits to keep me floating.” He laughed.

“No, but you’ve got a good periscope!” Erin quipped back. He grinned at her, gyrating his hips to make his cock bounce back and forth.

“I’ve been monopolizing you, Erin. How about I sit over here by Jack for a bit?” Ann called out as she stood and slid past Erin and Jack, her huge tits intentionally in their faces.

Gill sat near Erin and started talking about their RV. ‘I wonder what he would do if I put my hand on his thigh? I need the right timing…. Perfect, he just made a joke.’

“Ha!” She snorted dropping her hand to rest on his thigh. “Ann, he is too funny!” Gill shifted slightly, rolling in her direction. She felt his nuts, or was it his cock, rub her fingers. It thrilled her to have Jack on one side, probably unaware that she was all but holding Gill’s cock. ‘Fuck it.’ She moved her hand to grab his shaft. ‘Oh My, that is long!’

“Well, he isn’t the one the damn toilet backed up on.” Ann laughed, obviously hearing Gill’s story.

Gill acted as if Erin hadn’t just rubbed his cock and continued talking. “So, like I was saying to Jack. We go to nudist places all over the country. Some have a lot of swingers.” He looked at her significantly. She saw Ann had moved, facing Jack and talking about something to do with finance.

‘She must have her hands on his thighs to be that near and in that position.’

“Anyway, last weekend we were walking the beach at dusk and this guy comes up, grabbed Ann’s tits and asked if they were real.” He leaned back to take a drink. “So, she pushed him away and we went on. Not the first time. You know, we have no problem if someone asks but it’s rude to just grab.”

“Umm, yeah, that would be really rude.” Erin replied, holding back a grin.

“Oh Gill, I know guys get curious.” Ann had been listening and jiggled her tits just above the frothing water. “They just need to ask. Well, I have to like them too.” There was a pause in the conversation.

“Gee, that almost sounded like an invitation. Guess you missed out on another grope Jack.” Erin said, laughing. “So, just guys or can a girl ask what they feel like.”

“I like you Erin!” Ann was laughing. “Sure, women too. We aren’t shy about casual touching.” ‘Ahh, there it is…’ The tub timer found that an appropriate point to shut down again.

“Tell you what. I’m getting water logged and I think our drinks are empty.” Gill said. “How about I run to the RV and grab refills for all of us? I can mix up some fast Mojito’s if you are in the mood”

Erin spoke for them, “Sounds great, I can help!” She exclaimed, to Jack’s consternation. “Be right back, promise. You two have fun.” Erin said with a wink to Jack and Ann.

“Yeah, sure, why not.” Jack almost sounded excited. Erin reached over to give his penis a squeeze under the water, finding it still, or again, semi erect.

“OH… Jeez, Gill. You are going to scare them off.” Ann spoke out, laughing again but now looking to Gill who stood in preparation of leaving. His waist was just out of the water, cock semi erect. The head was just poking from the surface, looking like some strange white snake.

“Whatever, shit happens when you are sitting with gorgeous women! Right Jack?” He said, turning to look at him.

“Hey, watch where you point that thing.” Erin said humorously. ‘Hmmm, what the hell’, she thought and reached out as if to push his cock, then wrapped her fingers around the shaft.

“Unless I miss my guess, you have two in hand.” Ann said sliding to sit near Jack. Her hand found Erin’s under the water and wrapped around Jacks now rock-hard erection. “Well, you two will need to hurry back.” Ann purred to Erin and Gill, “or not...”

Before Erin could stand she heard from Ann, “Hmmm, that won't do.” Her tone mock serious as she looked at Gill’s swaying cock, still gripped in Erin’s hand. Reaching out, she wrapped her free hand around Erin’s, and pulled Gill’s dick head to her pursed lips.

“You needed a little kiss before leaving.” Ann said throatily as she pulled back from her kiss. Flicking her tongue out to lick the base of his head before speaking.

‘I can’t believe how horny this makes me. Poor Jack looks ready to run or fuck something.’ Erin thought, as Ann slowly removed her hand from where it wrapped over her hand.

“Hmmm, you look like you enjoy that!” She told Jack, leaning over to kiss him. He just nodded with a slightly flustered look. “Have fun while I’m gone.”

“Oh, I’ll keep him entertained.” Ann chuckled, moving in to nearly sit on his lap.

Erin, not to be outdone, “Gill, it’s dark out there. I don’t want to get lost so...” She shook his cock with a grin. “Maybe this can guide me.”

She and Gill quickly donned sandals and left the hot tub enclosure.

“Just over there.” Gill said, turning his waist so his cock pointed at a motorhome a little less than 20 yards from where they stood. Erin giggled at the gesture and grabbed his cock.

“OK, I’ll just hang on.” She told him, rubbing his length before setting off. When they arrived, Gill opened the door and gestured for Erin to enter.

She stepped into a nice sized living area complete with a couch and loveseat. The room was dimly lit. ‘Perfect lighting. OK, I’m done flirting.’ She decided, turning to Gill and embracing him, her lips pressing against his with feverish need.

He returned the kiss with equal passion. His hands slid down her back, bringing waves of warmth and arousal through her as they reached her round ass and squeezed.

She felt his hard cock, against her stomach as they embraced. ‘Damn, that feels so good.’ Breaking their kiss, she slid down to her knees before him, taking half his length in her mouth in one smooth motion.

“Damn.” Gill said softly as he leaned his ass on a counter. “You want to do this here?”

She thought for a moment as she rolled her tongue under his glans, teasing the opening. “No. I want to have our fun back at the hot tub with Ann and Jack.” Then, with a dirty grin up at him, the tip of his dick resting on her lips. “Doesn’t mean I can’t play a little before we get back.”

She took his cock deep, nearly gagging in the process. ‘Still can’t get it all the way down.’ She thought in wonder.

“Shit!” Gill exclaimed as she pulled back, his hand resting lightly on her head. “A few more like that and we won’t make it back.”

Erin pulled away, still kneeling. “OK, let’s get those drinks and go fuck.” Gill quickly grabbed a pitcher and poured in Rum, Carbonated water and simple syrup.

“Heavy on the Rum, I figure nobody will care.” He laughed and handed Erin the bottle of rum. “In case we need more.” The two quickly returned to the hot tub, both eager to finish what they started.

Jack was seated on the edge of the tub when they returned. Ann next to him, her hand gently stroking his cock while she nuzzled his neck. ‘I don’t mind at all. It just makes me hornier.’ Erin reflected on seeing the two together. Jack looked over at her, face flushed from heat, excitement and a little embarrassment.

‘This does embarrass him.’

Kneeling next to Gill, Erin placed the bottle she carried on the tile floor and reached out with both hands to grasp his long dick. Guiding it to her mouth, she looked across the water to Jack, as he watched her take Gill’s cock between her lips. She slowly guided it deeper and deeper, all the while watching Jack stare at her. His face reflected warring feelings of lust and shock as she began pumping Gill with her hands.

“Oooooh, suck his cock!” She heard Ann call out.

Holding eye contact with Jack, she reached out to cup her hand around Gill’s helmet. Rolling it in her palm while she slid her tongue along his dick. ‘OK, let’s see if you really want that fantasy.’

“Erin...” Jack hissed, his expression torn between mad desire and pain. He stood, moving to her, Ann alongside, still holding his throbbing cock.

She looked to him now and slowly moved Gills shaft deeper. ‘It’s like a foot-long hotdog, thinner than Jacks but just goes forever.’

“Ummmm,” she moaned as his head met the back of her throat. “Jack, watch me suck him.” She encouraged.

Jack paused within a foot of where she knelt. Ann moved in closer, kneeling next to Erin her tits grazed her shoulder as she jerked on Jack’s dick.

Gill sighed in pleasure. “Your mouth feels great on my cock.”

Erin had reached halfway, about all she could do and pulled back. She closed her eyes, not willing to look at Jack, not willing to mess up the thrill of this moment for her as she bobbed her head back and forth.

A few seconds later, she pulled his cock from her mouth and looked up at Jack. His eyes had closed, pleasure had won out on his face as Ann jerked his cock. “Jack, I want you to watch. You want to see his cock in my mouth.”

Jack’s eyes opened slightly, staring down at her.

“Yes….” He whispered, then in a firmer tone, “Suck his cock! Deeper!” Jack continued to look down at her as he spoke. He watched her take inch after inch between her lips only to pull back then slide forward again. Erin’s cunt felt as if it was dripping, she could feel her pussy lips had swollen and parted. ‘God, I love this so much. I love being watched, I want more.’

“She does give great head. Damn, I bet that pussy is tight.” Gill whispered in a rasp. “You want to get fucked tonight? Ride me so I can grab that ass of yours.”

Erin looked at Ann and Jack before replying. Ann was working on Jack’s cock, pumping him furiously, she didn’t know how much more Jack could take. “No… I want you to fuck me from behind. Hard.” She told him as she pulled his cock from her wet lips.

Jack moaned slightly, he was still staring at her as he began to cum, long streamers of white jizz squirted out to hit her face and chest. ‘That makes me so fucking horny! When did I start loving the feel of cum on me?’

Erin extended her tongue to lick the white goo from her shoulder. “Mmmm, I love your cum!”

Ann moved in closer, her tongue rasped along Erin’s neck licking up the thick fluid that landed there.

“Tasty.” She gasped out, before she gently moved Erin to the side, her tits acting like a plow as she moved in to suck Jack’s wilting cock.

Erin, still holding Gill’s dick, turned with her ass facing him, her face even with Ann’s shapely rear. She felt fingers probing her pussy. First Ann’s, then Gill’s. ‘I want this cock so bad… but I’d love to feel her tongue on my cunt!’ Erin moaned as the thought raced through her.

“Ohhh, yes…” She moaned again, reveling in the combined sensations of being fingered and the thrill of knowing Jack was watching. ‘This is what he wanted. I hope he is enjoying himself. I am, I can’t wait to feel Gill’s cock in me.’

Gill took his dick in hand, holding it near the tip and rubbing it up and down Erin’s wet pussy lips. With each motion, he pushed in a little more until his cock was poised at the entrance of her tunnel. At first, barely piercing her, he moved slowly.

“UUUhhhhhh! Oh, fuck me, slide it in... please…” she moaned as the teasing became unbearable.

“Look at his dick go in her pussy!” Ann called to Jack. “I love watching that long thing in a fresh cunt.”

Erin only heard a moan in reply from Jack. She couldn't see what Ann was doing and, right then, could care less. ‘He is so fucking long! It feels like he has been sliding in forever.’

“YES!” She exhaled as she felt the base of his cock enter her, his nuts pressed tightly against her cunt. Gill began sliding in and out. His hands rested on her hips. She felt her cunt stretch to accommodate him, a delightful sensation that threatened to bring her to a quick orgasm.

At first Gill moved slowly, then he quickened his pace. Erin felt every contour of his cock in her sensitive tunnel as he rammed in and out, bringing her to the edge of a massive eruption. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, urging herself over the edge. She was so wet, her fingers slid easily over her button.

“Fuck! Fuck me hard!” She called out, feeling a building orgasm. Gill increased his pace slightly and gave her a sharp smack on her ass. The slight sting seemed to reverberate through her body. Multiplying the sensation in her cunt and pussy tenfold. ‘Oh FUCK! I like that.’

“More! Harder!” He smacked her again, slightly harder but it was just enough to push her over the edge. She’d never completely lost control during an orgasm, until now. Erin felt as if her body was feeling the waves of wonderful sensation in every nerve. Electric tingles ran from her clit to her head and back again.

She nearly collapsed to the floor, face on the warm tile, her ass still in the air, Gill’s dick impaling her. His hands gripped her waist tight, keeping her upright while he fucked her. Gill continued his own motion, even faster now, seeming to draw inspiration from Erin’s continued gasps. “You like that! You want me to cum in this tight little pussy?” He was barely able to grunt out.

“Yes... No!” She breathed out. “On my ass. Cum on my ass!”

“Ugghh!” Gill let out a deep grunt as he shoved his shaft deep in her cunt. Erin felt a spurt of warm cum deep within her and squirmed slightly. He quickly pulled out, dumping the rest of his load on her ass cheeks.

“FUCK! That was so fucking good!” He exhaled, cock in hand squeezing it as if to get the last drop from a tube of toothpaste.

Erin propped herself up and turned just enough to see Jack. His eyes were glued to her as April sucked his cock. She felt sticky cum sliding between her ass cheeks, the sensation strangely erotic.

“Suck his cock babe!” Gill cheered on Ann. “I bet he has another load for you.”

Jack grabbed Ann’s head, his eyes screwed tightly shut as he gasped. “Yes! Suck it!” Erin watched as he thrust his cock into Ann’s mouth. Eagerly face fucking her as she greedily swallowed his cock with each thrust.

Spent, Jack stumbled back a step, his dick sliding from Ann’s mouth. “Holy shit.” He muttered as he looked down at Ann, then over her shoulder to look at Erin and past her.

“Well, fuck me! That was one hell of a show!” A deep resonant voice spoke from her right. As she spun her head to see who was speaking her mind raced, ‘Holy shit, someone caught us!’

“Can I join?” The man continued, voice slightly lower.

Erin finally focused on the speaker, or rather his thick cock, pointing right at her face and gaping mouth from just inches away.

‘Oh My!!!’

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