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Who are Kyle & Lilly

Kyle Canon writes intelligent, erotic/romance novels. His writing has been described as '...slow foreplay; building until the reader is breathless with need.' His books and stories often take place in locations in which he and his wife are intimately familiar. From Chicago to Hawaii and nudist resorts in Florida he paints a picture with his words that is easy to imagine

His writing brings the reader into a world of sexual exploration.  Using sex positive language and strong female characters he challenges his readers to view non-monogamous relationships in a new light.  His books and short stories are an erotic journey into partner swapping, BDSM and the swinger lifestyle - often told from the perspective of a couple first testing the waters.  His characters are believable, the people next door, possibly your neighbors.  

Our Books

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New Releases

Two Exciting Novels

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A Photographer’s Story by Kyle Canon is an erotic romance that hits every right button for the genre and is an amazing, hot, and steamy read. This is Book One in a series of five, and it is a truly sexy romance with a cool angle: photography, erotic photography. What amazed me about the book was how much detail Canon took into how professional photography works. The other thing that struck me was how in-depth the relationship between the main characters were and how much they developed over time. My favorite thing about the book, however, is the delicate balance between the page-turning story and the stunning and sexy erotic scenes.

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