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His Best Friend

Happy Monday! OK, MEH on that. It's Monday. I thought I would give an update on Erin's Erotic Adventures. First - Many thanks to all who have read the stories on Amazon and Smashwords! I appreciate the encouraging e-mails and yes, the many questions. I thought I would answer a few here. But first:

The next story in the series, Erin's Erotic Adventures - Nudist Resort - His Best Friend, is available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords. The Fourth story in the series, Time For Beth should be available for Pre-order the second week of May.

Spoiler for 'His Best Friend' - Jack invites his friend to 'play'. LOL I figure the title gave that much away already.

Now the questions:

Q: How many stories will be in the series?

A: I've outlined five stories that take place at the Nudist Resort. However, the series seems to be pretty popular and I have several thoughts for carrying on when Erin and Jack return home.

Q: I've never been to a nudist resort. Are they really like what you describe?

A: Nudist resorts vary greatly depending on the organizations they subscribe. For example, many are affiliated with AANR. That organization promotes nudity as a healthy, family lifestyle. Sexual displays and promiscuity are not tolerated at these resorts... That said, whatever you do behind closed doors is OK between consenting adults. Lilly and I have gone to these types of resorts many times and found the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable.

Amenities will vary based on region and climate but most cater to outdoor lifestyles. So expect pools, hot tubs, etc. Camping is popular at many, although, some have very upscale rooms and restaurants on property.

There are other places, we've all heard of Hedonism, that encourage all types of adult activities. If you are looking to attend a Nudist Resort, find out the rules and decide if it fits your comfort zone.

Q: In your novels the characters practiced safe sex, but not in the short stories. Why the change?

A: Good question. I still post a note about the importance of practicing safe sex at the beginning of all my books. However, the change in writing is due to some suggestions from several readers. Basically, they appreciated the 'reality' of safe sex but wanted the story telling to be raw. It made sense to me. So, most of my short stories will follow the routine I established in Erin's Erotic Adventures.

I will, for the most part, continue the practice of safe sex in The Photographer's Story series of novels.

Q: How much of the stories are based on reality?

A: Well, very little to none. The location I describe could be any of a few dozen resorts. The situations and people, other than the basics of laying out, swimming and hitting the hot tub are all fiction. :) Sorry.

Q: Is that really Lilly reading the stories?

A: Yep. She is working on the second book now. We hope to have it ready for ACX approval the first week in May. It then takes at least 10 days before they publish the title as an audio book. Expect each to be about 30 minutes in length.

I haven't answered all the questions here, sorry for that, but do keep them coming.


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