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Rated 5 Stars on Amazon - She is a brilliant young attorney fresh from school, eager to prove that her worth goes beyond her beauty. Always the consummate professional, she is terrified her college modeling career will come to her colleague’s attention.
He is a seasoned loaner; solitude was the cloak he used to hide traumatic secrets about his childhood. His sole desire was to retire young and vanish from the public eye to explore his true passion: photography.
Assigned to work together, they find they share many of the same needs, fears and desires. What would follow would shatter their lives forever - bribery, extortion and multiple lovers.
The Photographer’s Story is the first of three novels that explore life, love and relationships in our modern society. The main characters struggle with moving from a monogamous to a non-monogamous relationship. Price $2.50

The Photographer's Story (mobi format)

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  • Price $2.50

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