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Seducing the Boss

Hi all! Just wanted to add a quick update on my latest projects. Seducing the Boss is coming along nicely and should be ready for the August 29th release. I am excited about the story and how the characters are coming together. Without too many spoilers, Erin learned her sexy older boss is getting divorced. Deciding to take advantage of her newfound sexual freedom, she begins a slow seduction, through gradually more intimate text messages and sexy clothes. I really wanted this one to read as if it could really happen... Or did it? LOL I think you will enjoy it! I have two book covers I am considering for this story. The first I posted with my last blog, the second is below. Let me know which one you like more.

I did say 'projects' in the opening line. I've also been writing a little each day on the 5th novel in The Photographer's Story. It is too early for a release day but I do hope to have it completed by October, if not sooner.


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