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Final Edit Release Date

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well and I apologize for the LONG gap in my Blog entries. So, let me make it up to everyone by telling you what I've been up to lately.

First, I hope you and your families are healthy and well. Lilly and I are doing great. We've both had bouts with Bronchitis, I know, not Covid. Other than that we've been very busy. Our podcast, The Speak Seductively Podcast, has been growing in popularity. We've interviewed some fascinating guests and look forward to many more in 2022. Please click the link to visit OR find the program on your favorite podcast platform.

Next, I've been working on a few writing projects. The image above is the cover for the LONG awaited sequel to Overexposed. Final Edit is a real thrill ride, I hope you enjoy it. It is currently available for Pre-Order at a special price of $1.25. The publication date is February 28, 2022. After that date the price for this FULL length novel will increase to $2.99.

I also published a sequel to Sharon's Punishment titled Sharon's Submission.

Lilly and I have also been posting regular videos to our YouTube Channel. Some of these have been audio files of my books while others have been lingerie and adult toy reviews. For the last several months we've had several companies contact us requesting reviews. This part of our lives is both fun and busy!

In November I was in contact with the CEO of ASN Lifestyle Magazine. ASN is a premiere magazine focused on adult living and the Lifestyle. Long story short, I've submitted and had published several articles in the magazine. In December, Lilly and I began doing video reviews of ASN. Those appear on our YouTube channel. You can see the December review here on a previous blog post.

More soon!


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