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Lilly Canon - Book Narration

Hi – My name is Lilly Canon, vocal artist and model.  For the last several years I have been narrating my husband’s books for Audible.  I’ve been flattered to receive praise such as this:

This book is an extremely hot read, then you add the sultry and very sensual voice of Lilly Ann who has a perfect grasp of the mood of the dialog and knows when to apply the correct inflection to draw you into the story and think you are right there.

Now, I am reaching out to other indie authors with an opportunity to put a voice to your words.  I will narrate everything from cookbooks to erotica.  What you would get from me are audio files optimized for the current ACX standards.  I can work with you directly through Audible (ACX) or send you sound files to be placed on other platforms.  My rates are very reasonable.  Please contact me at for more details. 

The links below are examples of the books I've narrated.  Please click the image to go to the Audible page and listen to a retail sample.

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