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Two Exciting New Books to Kick off 2022

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Who are Kyle and Lilly

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Kyle Canon writes intelligent, erotic/romance novels. His writing has been described as '...slow foreplay; building until the reader is breathless with need.' His books and stories often take place in locations in which he and his wife are intimately familiar. From Chicago to Hawaii and nudist resorts in Florida he paints a picture with his words that is easy to imagine


His writing brings the reader into a world of sexual exploration.  Using sex positive language and strong female characters he challenges his readers to view non-monogamous relationships in a new light.  His books and short stories are an erotic journey into partner swapping, BDSM and the swinger lifestyle - often told from the perspective of a couple first testing the waters.  His characters are believable, the people next door, possibly your neighbors.  

Our Story in ASN Lifestyle Magazine

Featured Author Friend

Lilly and I had an opportunity to interview an amazing author for The Speak Seductively Podcast.  His name is Wayne 'Mr. Big' Clingman.


What struck us about 'Mr. Big' was not only his incredibly erotic noir style writing in Alias Mr. Big. No, What really stuck with us was he has also written some outstanding non-fiction books about organized crime. We highly recommend checking out his books on Amazon.

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Interview with - Talk About it Friday

Praise for - The Photographer's Story -


‘…a story with all the steam one will want…. a wonderful plot, a story of two people first finding themselves getting to know each other… and then the two find friendship and love…the characters seem real and genuine….When these two finally gave in and set their fears aside that's when the couple was able to explore their true hearts. A great story for adults only.'


How much is real and how much is an act? This is the question as Kyle does sex photo shoots of his wife, Lilly, and male/female models. All I will say is by the end of the book there is nothing but a "head over heels" romp!’


‘Really loved the hot sex scenes... It was like actually being there…’


‘The continuing adventure… as they explore their sexual appetites and expand the horizons with others is sensual as well as romantic. The vivid description of the photo shoots,… makes one feels as if … one of the models…so looking forward to the next installment.’

5 Stars on Amazon

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