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As of April 2019, all my stories are available on Amazon. 

Erin's Erotic Adventures 

Erin and Jack are a twenty something couple who have been together since college.  Other than Jack, Erin's only sexual experiences were with a high school boyfriend and her vibrator.

Married now, for several years, they have hit a few rough patches.    Even in bed, Erin is barely satisfied and is troubled, but oddly aroused, by Jack's continued fantasies.  Both feel the marriage is in trouble but neither have the slightest idea how to save it. 

Erin is aroused by some of Jack's fantasies but has resisted even the hint of living them out.  Now, things have changed.  She is ready to end the relationship unless something changes and gives in to one of Jack's tamer suggestions.  Ever since their honeymoon, and time on a topless beach, he has worked to get her to go to nude beaches or resorts.  Surprising him, she agrees to a week at a nearby nudist resort.  Neither of them would have the slightest clue how the vacation will change both of their lives.

Left alone on her first day, so Jack could work, she reluctantly explores the resort and changes her life forever.  Erin will find and befriend a group of young swingers who help her discover her deepest sexual desires. 

Erin's Erotic Adventures is a five book series available on Amazon.   Each book is a stand alone short story.  NOW - Buy all 5 in the newly released BOX SET.


Praise for - The Photographer's Story -


‘…a story with all the steam one will want…. a wonderful plot, a story of two people first finding themselves getting to know each other… and then the two find friendship and love…the characters seem real and genuine….When these two finally gave in and set their fears aside that's when the couple was able to explore their true hearts. A great story for adults only.'


How much is real and how much is an act? This is the question as Kyle does sex photo shoots of his wife, Lilly, and male/female models. All I will say is by the end of the book there is nothing but a "head over heels" romp!’


‘Really loved the hot sex scenes... It was like actually being there…’


‘The continuing adventure… as they explore their sexual appetites and expand the horizons with others is sensual as well as romantic. The vivid description of the photo shoots,… makes one feels as if … one of the models…so looking forward to the next installment.’

5 Stars on Amazon and Smashwords

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